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Should I get my Real Estate License?

     As a real estate agent for over 17 years, the question that I am mostly asked, "Should I get my real estate license?  Nowadays, I get this question asked at least once to twice per week.  On this blog, I will give you three questions to answer?  

1.  Are you getting in the business because it seems like a piece of cake?

2.  Are you getting in the business because real estate agents look like they make plenty of money?

3.  Have you done any research to find out what it takes to become a real estate agent?

     If you can answer no to questions one and two, then I would tell you to stick around and subscribe to my blogs for getting valuable information that will help you avoid the humps and bumps in real estate.  If you answer no to number three, the red light is on.  Do not move any further.  In order for your dreams and desires to come to manifestation, there is something that you will have to do.  Teachers are always willing to help but they want to see if you are willing to do some homework yourself.  I recommend that you get some basic information before you start asking questions or decide to proceed on getting your real estate license.  Becoming a real estate agent is a great opportunity and it's one of the few careers that you can go to school for seven days and make six digits.  

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